Oil2Soil® organic peat moss absorbents are extremely effective in absorbing oils and hydrocarbons, while offering savings in areas of time, labor and waste disposal costs.

  • Encapsulates free oils and will not release them back into the environment.
  • Can be used to completely stabilize any oil remediation, eliminating the costs to transport and dispose of those fluids.
  • Will not leach; passes TCLP test making it environmentally safe to return to the ground
  • Meets EPA, OSHA & ANSI Standards
  • Is excellent for spill response and bioremediation
  • Offers Hight BTU value for incineration
  • Safely cleans oil from any surface & leaves no oily sheen or residue
  • Requires only One Pound per Gallon!!
  • 14 times better than clay absorbent
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